La Rocca restaurant

La rocca restaurant

Overlooking the sea and the new city harbour, the new La Rocca restaurant will extend over a total area of 805 square meters construction, and 640 sqm of large terraces and outdoor spacess. The name accurately represents the location of the restaurant, which is nestled in the rocks overlooking the port, just below the Forte dell’ Annunziata.

The location

Marina di Ventimiglia would like La Rocca restaurant to become a reference point and anchor brand for lovers of excellent food, wine and drinks, appealing also to international clientele.

Thanks to its unique and stunning location, the high quality of food and wine and the overall luxurious setting, La Rocca will become the flagship hospitality experience of the Borgo, a magnetic proposition for and within the entire waterfront regeneration project.

The services

La Rocca will consist of two internal rooms, designed on two separate floors, covering over 530 square meters with a total of 650 square meter terraces. A panoramic rooftop will be built for the guests to enjoy a unique view, stretching from the coast of Ventimiglia to the nearby Cote d’Azur.

An elevator will connect the restaurant to the quay level of the port directly, with ample public parking lots. A picturesque short panoramic walk of only two hundred meters will lead customers to ‘la Rocca’. A car valet service, using electric vehicles is currently under study.

The map

The city of Ventimiglia

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