The new tourist destination

Marina Development Corporation will carry out a large urban regeneration plan in the building areas surrounding the marina of the seaside resort ‘Marina di Pisa’. Through sustainable real estate development for hospitality and residential use, the plan will act as a driving force for the revitalization of the entire coast of Pisa, rising at the mouth of the Arno river. The new Italian tourist destination of international value and allure, will be named Villa Rondini, in homage to the memories of Eleonora Duse who lived here over a long period of time.

The masterplan will cover an area of over 160,000 square meters intends to redevelop and regenerate the entire area through its key pillars of innovation, sustainability, greenery and dialogue with the nearby San Rossore Park, to ensure seamless integration into the marina. The construction of 280 residences, 115 hotel rooms, a congress centre, restaurants and a large public park is planned.

The complex conservative recovery intervention of the historic Villa Romboli has already been completed.

The building permit for the first phase including 3 lots for 38 prestigious apartments with retail on the ground floors, overlooking the marina, has already been filed with the Municipality. On the central island of the landing stage, however, the construction of a Club is planned, open to the public, with a gym, swimming pool and spa which will be called Il Fortino, in memory of the original building that once stood there.

The projects

Il Fortino

With its unique location at the central pier of the port of Bocca d’Arno, ‘Il Fortino’ will rise in front of the new tourist-residential structure of Villa Rondini. The project…

Residenze & Retail

The first 3 developments comprise the construction of 38 prestigious apartments of various sizes, facing the south side of the marina, with a commercial component…

Villa Romboli

Villa Romboli is a historic Art Nouveau residence, overlooking Bocca d’Arno, at the port of Marina di Pisa. Uninhabited since well before the Great War, it will be completely…

The map

Villa Rondini – Marina di Pisa




Hotel rooms


Retail spaces




Convention centre


Public park

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