Villa Romboli - panoramic view
Villa Romboli - building site
Villa Romboli - rendering

Villa Romboli

Villa Romboli is a historic Art Nouveau residence overlooking Bocca d’Arno, the port of Marina di Pisa. Uninhabited since before the Great War, it will be completely restored in agreement with the Superintendency, with a project that will safeguard the historical value of the property and the greatest possible number of original elements of the villa, from the external friezes to the original floors, sometimes frescoed, latest generation materials and high-end furnishings with a classic taste and soft colors. An important function will be carried out by lighting, designed ad hoc to further enhance the beauty of the ancient residence.

Villa Romboli will house the sales office of Marina Development Corporation and a cafeteria open to the public, with the possibility of accessing the internal garden.


Villa Rondini - Marina di Pisa

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