Borgo del Forte

Borgo del forte

Sustainable development, hydro-geological consolidation and completion of the seafront urban façade are the three pillars that will give life to Borgo del Forte. This waterfront destination of Ventimiglia enhances and completes the entire marina area and its port, becoming a key candidate for quality tourism and lifestyle in Italy.

The project’s vocation is to become a hotel with residential services, creating buildings that will harmoniously blend into the green natural areas. Three typical Ligurian style buildings will be built in the area above the road leading to the port; they will compose the new 5-star hotel. With 70 rooms the hotel will be offering high quality services; a gym, a wellness centre and a restaurant, becoming the ‘pulse’ of the entire Borgo.

The facilities

60 branded apartments will be built in the highest part of the waterfront, with private terraces, surrounded by greenery and with hotel options.

The Borgo will be directly connected to the Marina and the old town of Ventimiglia, with a lift on the western side of the complex, reaching via Verdi. Another lift will subsequently take one into the very heart of the upper town.

Extra services

Finally, we are planning an important public development in via Verdi; a three-floor parking structure, of which the upper floor will be designed as a green area of ​​approximately 1500 square meters, providing extraordinary views for the citizens.


The map

The city of Ventimiglia

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