Borgo del Forte

Sustainable development, hydro-geological consolidation, completion of the seafront urban façade: these three pillars will give life to Borgo del Forte, the waterfront of Ventimiglia, which enhances and completes the entire marina area, with the port, and is a candidate to become a new and important Italian tourist destination. 

The project’s vocation is to become a hotel with residential services, with the creation of buildings that will be harmoniously inserted in the green areas. Three typical Ligurian style buildings will be built in the area above the road leading to the port; they will compose the new 5-star hotel – with 20 suites – that will offer high quality services: a gym, a wellness centre, and a restaurant, thus becoming the beating “heart” of the whole Borgo. The hotel will also manage the 60 apartments, to be used both as residences and hotel rooms. They will also be for sale, but without the option of taking up residency and with the contractual obligation to leave them under the management of the hotel for a specific period of the year.

60 luxury apartments will be built in the highest part of the waterfront, with private terraces, surrounded by greenery, and they also have the hotel options.

We strongly recommend this option, because the maintenance of the entire Borgo will thus be optimized, and it will facilitate the formation of an active and lively community throughout the year. In addition to the services of the 5-star hotel, Borgo del Forte will also include private parking lots and a beautiful 200 square meter swimming pool.

The Borgo will be directly connected to the Marina and the old town of Ventimiglia with a lift on the western side of the complex, which will reach via Verdi. Another lift will then take you into the heart of the upper town.

Last of all, we are planning an important public intervention in via Verdi: a three-floor parking structure, on the top of which there will be a green area of ​​approximately 1500 square meters, with an extraordinary belvedere and a panoramic view for the citizens.


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