Current Projects

A wide urban regeneration program which aims to deliver a residential community including a five star hotel, branded residences, destination food & beverage and lifestyle amenities in a landscaped environment which benefit from views of the Mediterranean. Located on a natural hill-side amphitheatre between the Old Town and the Marina of Ventimiglia. The design will resonate the best of Italian design, with far reaching panoramic views and extensive terracing.

The Institute for Preventive Medicine is to establish itself as the leading centre internationally for diagnostic, chronic diseases prevention, and preventive medicine. The centre will be located within an historic building sitting at the top of the Ventimiglia old town. The architectural beauty of the building and its manicured gardens overlooking the Mediterranean sea will create a relaxing although memorable and conducive setting for its guests. The Institute for Preventive Medicine aims to provide a one-stop solution in order to improve the quality of aging and physical functionality of its guests.