Thanks to the Pisa in Progress investment fund, managed by Namira SGR, MDC will present an urban regeneration masterplan for the building areas surrounding Pisa’s Tourist Port by the end of 2021, that will help to relaunch the coast of Pisa, with a real estate development project for hotel and residential use. Marina di Pisa and its port are destinations of great touristic opportunities that will bring significant economic growth to the Tuscan territory, once it has been enhanced and developed. Furthermore, the proximity to the city of Pisa and the Galileo Galilei International airport offers a great potential to this turn of the Century seaside resort. This city needs a new birth, that starts in the sea and goes up towards the inhabited centre of Marina di Pisa, where there are several Art Nouveau buildings that have remained intact in time.

This area, acquired by the Fund last April from Boccadarno Porto di Pisa Spa and Boccadarno Village Spa (currently under voluntary agreement), had already obtained the approval for a regeneration plan in 2006, and the Court of Pisa authorized its sale.

The interventions will involve an area of ​​100,000 square meters (50,000 square meters of GFA) along the delta of the Arno River. Innovation, 360-degree sustainability and dialogue with the surrounding area will be the main pillars on which this project will stand. The MDC project will be a completion of the urban fabric of Marina di Pisa and an integration of the tourist port of Pisa. It will be surrounded by vast natural areas, with meadows, Mediterranean Maquis scrubland, and deciduous and pine forests.

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