News 15 October 2021 Il Secolo XIX: the Pier Paolo Quaglia’s exhibition opens in Ventimiglia

The leading Ligurian daily talks about the works of the artist from Ventimiglia, exhibited in the upper town in the former church of San Francesco

News 4 October 2021 Il Sole 24 Ore: the new waterfronts boost seaside towns

According to the enquiry conducted by the financial daily, ‘Marina di Ventimiglia’ is among the main regeneration projects in Italy

News 28 August 2021 Scullino and Thielen inaugurate the ice cream parlour, the daily La Stampa reports

The Art-Nuveau venue was inaugurated on 23 August in the upper town of Ventimiglia. Created also the “Black Corsair” flavour

News 26 July 2021 ItaliaOggi Sette: Marina Development hires four news managers

The appointments were published in the dedicated column of the weekly magazine covering financial, fiscal and legal topics

News 23 July 2021 Il Corsaro Nero come backs to the Riviera

The statue created by Fabio Pozzi, with the aim to pay homage to Salgari’s character, was placed in the ‘Funtanin’ area of Ventimiglia: the article run by

News 13 July 2021 to the ‘Marina di Ventimiglia’ presentation

The local daily meets the authors of the volume containing Armando Rotoletti’s pictures, commented by Mario Ascheri. The book was presented by MDC to honour the city of Ventimiglia

News 5 July 2021 Repubblica Genova: Namira acquires the Campasso area, which will host a campus

The Genova newsroom of the national daily talks about the closing of the deal where MDC acted as advisor

News 22 April 2021 RAI television interviews Giuseppe Noto

MDC’s CEO illustrates to TGR Liguria the urban regeneration project for the city of Ventimiglia

News 22 April 2021 Il Sole 24 ‘Marina di Ventimiglia’ was born

The online edition of the main Italian financial daily describes the project presented by MDC, aimed at creating a new tourist destination